What you need to know about the government funding bill that’s been in the works for weeks

There are two ways to define government: as a national entity or as a group of individuals.

The term “government” has a very different meaning in each.

A national entity is defined as the political body or political institution that is responsible for a government’s operation.

A national entity also includes states, local governments, the military, and other bodies, but not federal or state governments.

The government funding proposal passed the Senate on Wednesday by a vote of 65-39, with three Democrats voting against it and three Republicans voting for it.

It is the first time Congress has voted on a government funding measure since 2012, when the House approved a bill by the same name but was unable to agree on amendments to prevent the president from using federal funds for his campaign.

The government funding legislation would provide $7,000 for every year of an individual’s tax year.

In addition to paying for healthcare and other federal programs, the bill would pay for the costs of hiring, training, and maintaining the federal government, as well as pay for other federal spending.

The legislation also includes a $7 million grant for the National Security Agency (NSA) to work with states to better protect privacy.

As a group, states are exempt from paying for certain federal expenditures, such as paying for the cost of the National Guard and providing for veterans’ benefits.

However, the spending plan includes a provision that would exempt state governments from paying taxes that are used to pay for certain government programs.

Since the House passed the legislation by a narrow margin, there are some hurdles in getting it to President Donald Trump’s desk, including the fact that Republicans control both chambers of Congress and the White House.

A similar bill, the Military Construction, Veterans Affairs, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act of 2017, also passed the House, but it died in the Senate.

For now, the government-funding bill is still expected to be passed in the coming days.

If it passes, it will then head to Trump’s administration for approval and will be sent to Trump, who will likely sign it into law.


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