When Venezuela government goes to war with opposition, will US military intervene?

VENEZUELA — The government of Venezuela on Friday launched an air and ground offensive against the National Assembly in the capital, Caracas, after a coup attempt, and the United States responded with its own military action against the nation’s political leadership.

The United States launched a strike Thursday against the country’s military intelligence and military command, which the opposition says is linked to the coup attempt.

The White House said the strike was part of its overall efforts to deter the country from going to war.

The government said it has fired more than 500 missiles at government targets and warned the United Nations Security Council that it could go to war if it doesn’t curb the threat of violence.

The U.S. Defense Department did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment.

The military has said it plans to attack the headquarters of the National Guard and the offices of several government ministries in retaliation for the coup.

The National Assembly and other opposition groups had called for the government to hold a nationwide vote on Sunday to declare the coup government unconstitutional, saying the military had seized power and violated the constitution.

On Friday, the government responded with a decree to disband the National Security Council and the military.

That action was blocked by the U.N. Security Council, but the government says it has now made the moves necessary to protect its own interests and to keep the peace in Venezuela.

The coup attempt is the second time in the past two months that the government has tried to remove elected leaders and replace them with a coalition of right-wing opponents.

In January, the military attempted to remove Maduro, a leftist who was elected president last year after the failed 2015 coup.

The government accused him of trying to install a military dictatorship and declared martial law, or suspension of democracy.

The coup was defeated.

The current crisis began in mid-March when the military launched an attack on the offices and headquarters of opposition leaders in the country.

The opposition said the attack was retaliation for a recent wave of violence against the ruling party, the Socialist Party.

The attacks were also meant to discredit Maduro, but they also provoked the military to escalate its military intervention.

The unrest has continued.

The country’s oil production has plummeted and the country is reeling from the loss of major ports, like the port of San Cristobal and ports of San Juan and Caparran.

Venezuela’s economy has been in recession for years.

The cost of basic goods like food and medicines has risen dramatically.

The country is the world’s fifth-largest exporter of oil and the second-largest importer of crude.

The opposition says the coup was orchestrated by Venezuela’s powerful military, which has the backing of the U,S.

and other Western powers, and its goal is to overthrow the government.

The U.K., France, Australia, Italy, South Korea and other European nations have also expressed concern about the coup, saying it could lead to further destabilization in the region.

The Venezuelan government has denied the allegations.

The United States has not commented on the coup and has not yet responded to calls from the U: a request to comment on the alleged coup.

On Wednesday, U.


Ambassador to the United Nation Nikki Haley said the United states is ready to assist Venezuela’s government in any way it can, including by launching a full investigation into the coup plot.


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