Howard County government to cut 2 jobs, close two public libraries and close two libraries?

Howard county is in a pickle.

A news release from the county released Tuesday says that in light of recent events, the Board of Commissioners will take immediate action to close the following two facilities and eliminate three libraries:The Montgomery County Public Library will close for the foreseeable future.

The library will be operated by the Howard County Public Schools.

The Howard County Community College of Education will close.

The Montgomery County Community School will close and will be managed by the county Department of Human Services.

The county will not reopen the schools in January.

The County Government Center and the Howard Township Public Library both will close as well.

A number of other facilities will be closed as well:The Howard County Library, which will close this month, will be used by the library’s teachers and staff.

It will be home to the Howard University College of Arts and Sciences, the Howard High School of Business and the community’s largest public library.

The community’s primary library will also close this year.

The Howard Township Library will be open as a public library in January 2019.

The town’s library is a partnership between the Howard and Howard County governments.

The Town Clerk’s office is responsible for managing the library.

The county has also decided to shut down all public libraries in Montgomery, according to the release.

The closure is expected to last until February 2019, the release states.

The library’s closure means that library services will be shut down for a period of time.

Howard County residents who live in Howard County will have to travel to another county to use the library, according the release, and those who live elsewhere in Howard will have the option to visit a library of their choice.

In a statement to ABC News, Howard County Mayor Mark J. Allen said the closure is a “disappointing and unnecessary” decision.

“It’s unfortunate to see these libraries closing,” Allen said.

“We are hopeful that Howard County government can continue to provide the highest level of service to our citizens, and we thank them for their service and dedication to our community.”

“We are grateful for their services and look forward to seeing Howard County again in January,” Allen added.

The news release did not say when the libraries would reopen.ABC News’ Tom Elam contributed to this report.


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