How the new budget could affect you

Posted March 07, 2019 11:04:25The new federal budget will come into effect on March 17 and it will see a reduction in the rate of payments to the provinces and territories.

The government says it will also reduce the rate at which it pays into the federal and state governments.

But for some, the reduction is a welcome change and the budget has some positive features.

For one, it will allow some provinces to cut back on their tax rates.

The budget is also a step towards ensuring there is a smooth transition in terms of payments and the change will not impact on people who have been receiving payments since the budget was announced.

However, the Budget has some drawbacks.

The first and biggest is that it does not include the changes the government has already made in the budget and it does so without the consent of the federal government.

The other drawback is that the changes in the federal budget are only going to take effect once the federal election has taken place.

This means the budget will have to be reviewed by the House of Representatives before the new federal government is sworn in on April 7.

Read more The federal government has also promised to increase spending on health and education and increase the number of nurses.

But the budget does not contain a plan for the budget to fund the Northern Territory Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, and some local governments are concerned about the impact on their funding.

The NT is one of the jurisdictions that is still waiting to see if there will be enough money to pay for the response to a coronaviscide.

The Northern Territory has already paid for the coronaval response, but there has been a lack of money to meet the needs of its people and their families.

We have received many calls from our people and the families of those who have died, but the budget cannot pay for it.

It will be important for the NT Government to see how this affects the health and safety of its citizens.

It’s not clear whether this change will be included in the national budget.

The new budget is expected to be passed by Parliament on March 16 and will be available to the public on March 21.

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