How to avoid government corruption

The corruption that’s killing Australia’s economy is mostly a result of central government spending and spending by a few big corporations.

In a recent report, the Australian Taxation Office concluded that there are currently 7,400 cases of “corrupt government spending” and that this “costs the Australian economy $2.5 trillion in lost revenue every year.”

That’s a lot of money.

Australia’s government spending is now a third of the size of the United States.

That’s more than the total value of all the other countries in the OECD, which also includes the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates.

But it’s also more than just government spending.

Government spending is also a major driver of the Australian’s debt, and one that has already been growing for decades.

But now, as the country’s economy and political system undergo a long-term transformation, a new report by the Australian Parliamentary Library says the problem is getting worse.

“Corruption is now so pervasive and widespread that it has reached the point where Australia’s centralised, centralized, and powerful system of government is the single largest cause of its growing debt,” the report says.

The authors also suggest that governments and their bureaucracies have become so corrupted that there’s now a “miserable situation” where “corruption is endemic, systemic, and is not limited to specific cases.”

What does that mean?

“It means that there is a culture of corruption in Australia that is not acceptable, and it is a problem that needs to be tackled,” the authors wrote.

“This culture has become so entrenched that it can be ignored and is often tolerated.

It is a toxic environment for democratic government.”

In other words, corruption in the Australian political system is getting so bad that the country could potentially fall apart without government spending, and we’re already in the process of doing so.

The Australian Government has been in power for just over three decades, and that means it’s been in office for nearly two decades.

It has a long way to go before the corruption and dysfunction that plagued the country in recent decades is eradicated.

This is a major step forward for Australia, but it also highlights how far we have to go in our own country before we truly change.

This isn’t an argument about whether corruption is bad or good; it’s a question about whether we need to change.

If we want to be the country that’s truly democratic, the authors suggest we “take a hard look at how we think and how we behave.”


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