When Venezuela’s government went broke: How it’s done it again

A year ago, Venezuela’s socialist government, which had been the envy of Latin America, collapsed under a brutal economic collapse and political turmoil.

It was followed by years of looting and economic chaos.

Since then, the country has been rocked by civil unrest, corruption scandals, and a severe humanitarian crisis.

The country’s economy has been on the brink of collapse since 2016, when a series of corruption scandals erupted in the government, including allegations that top executives had amassed huge wealth in the private sector.

The government’s failure to curb corruption and increase its share of national income has been blamed on its socialist policies and the deep-rooted structural problems in the country, which the US has accused of being “fundamentally flawed”.

In this article, we will explore what has been happening in Venezuela and what is causing the country’s problems.

A key question is: what is the government doing to stop corruption and restore public trust in government?

The answer depends on the country and what government officials have been doing in the last year.

There is a strong correlation between government corruption and economic collapse, and the Venezuelan economy has already started to show signs of slowing down.

What we have witnessed is a continuation of an old trend in the socialist past: corruption has become more and more endemic, as the country struggles with high inflation and shortages of food, medicine, and basic goods.

It is the main reason behind the country being unable to keep its economy afloat in the face of the global economic crisis.

We will look at the main problems that the Venezuelan government is facing, and what the government can do to stem the worsening situation.

Corruption, poverty, and social unrest The Venezuelan government has been the poster child for a “social crisis”.

The government, backed by the military, has used an economic crisis as an excuse to push through the largest social programme in Latin America: the Bolivarian Economic Transition (BET).

The Venezuelan state-run media has reported numerous cases of alleged corruption and misappropriation of state funds.

The president has made a habit of attacking critics and using the media to promote his agenda.

The media has also been used to vilify opposition politicians and other social movements.

As a result, social unrest has grown.

In recent years, the Venezuelan population has been experiencing a steady decline.

According to an official census, the number of Venezuelans aged between 15 and 64 in 2016 dropped by 13%, from 9.3 million to 7.7 million.

A 2016 survey of the country found that nearly two-thirds of Venezuelas were unemployed.

The unemployment rate is higher in cities like Caracas, which has the highest poverty rate in the world.

The economic crisis and the resulting social unrest have further undermined the economy, with food prices going up and unemployment rising.

Many of the social grievances that have emerged in Venezuela in recent years have taken the form of the economic crisis, such as rising unemployment, lack of jobs, and poverty.

This has led to a growing divide in the society between rich and poor.

This divide has manifested itself in the form in a widening of the income gap between the rich and the poor, a widening in social and political inequality, and an increasing social insecurity.

As the number and poverty of Venezuelan people has continued to rise, the government has responded with draconian measures to stem rising poverty and to keep the country afloat.

According the official data, the inflation rate in 2016 rose by more than 50%, and the unemployment rate increased by almost 15%.

The government has also tried to use economic reforms to tackle the economic problems.

The National Assembly has approved several measures to boost the government’s revenue by 20% over the next five years, as well as to expand social benefits and welfare programmes.

In the meantime, the Maduro administration has continued using its economic power to suppress dissent and political opposition.

These measures have been widely condemned by human rights groups.

The Venezuelan people are angry about the economic and social crisis.

They are also upset at the lack of accountability and corruption.

The Maduro government has used a variety of repressive measures to suppress the protest movement.

In November 2016, the state-controlled Venezuelan Broadcasting Company (VTV) and the National Assembly passed a law that prohibits people from calling for a peaceful protest, and imposes the death penalty for anyone who takes part in the protests.

It also imposes a ban on public gatherings of more than 30 people, and prohibits the carrying of weapons or the use of force against protesters.

The measures have also been applied to opposition leaders, including the former mayor of Caracas.

In October 2017, the Supreme Court ruled that the president was guilty of using “political coercion” against opposition politicians during the protests that took place during the 2016 presidential election.

In December 2017, it also suspended the presidency of the Constituent Assembly, the body that elects the president, while it considered a new law on criminalizing peaceful protests.

These actions are designed to suppress


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