Romney: ‘The American Dream’ is in danger because ‘you can’t trust a federal government that does nothing’

President Romney says that the American Dream is at risk because we don’t trust the federal government to do the right thing.

Romney says we need “a bold, bold, strong American government” to protect the American people and our country.

And Romney said that we should trust the American government to protect our health care and retirement security.

He also said we need a bold, courageous, strong federal government, to keep our nation safe.

Romney also said, quote, “We have to have an honest, open discussion of how we protect the country from terrorism and from crime, and how we secure our borders and the safety of our people.

And I believe that we need to be bold and bold in saying, ‘You can’t just trust the Federal Government to do what it’s supposed to do.'”

But he says the American dream has been in jeopardy because we have not trusted the government to fulfill its responsibilities.

Romney said, “What I want to do is get a bold bold, brave, strong government that’s committed to protecting the American American people, their families, and their future.”

We are in a dangerous situation with a very important issue.

The American dream is in peril because we’ve been told the federal budget will take care of it, not take care for it.

And the president is saying that we have to trust the president to do it.

Romney: We have to take care not only of the American economy, but we have the ability to take the American job and the American workforce back, and I’ve said this before, and you can’t have a strong economy without strong jobs and strong wages.

We have the opportunity to take back the American homeland.

But what we’re not doing right now is doing what is needed to secure our economy and our homeland.

We are failing our people in the states.

We’re not taking care of our veterans.

We’ve had veterans leave the country at a record rate.

We don’t take care.

Romney’s budget plan includes $5.2 trillion in spending cuts.

But the plan includes billions for new entitlements and for expanding Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

And it would also give more federal cash for college.

Romney plans to propose a tax cut of more than $1 trillion over the next decade, mostly through higher taxes on the wealthy.

Romney wants to raise taxes on families earning over $1 million a year and on the very rich.

And he would eliminate the estate tax and cut the top tax rate to 35 percent.

Romney would also eliminate the state and local tax deduction, which is used to help pay for programs such as public schools, social services and roads and bridges.

The budget proposes eliminating the estate and capital gains tax rates, and Romney says he would provide a $1.5 trillion stimulus package to stimulate the economy.

And this would create jobs, he says, by cutting taxes on wealthy Americans, creating new jobs, and expanding access to quality public education.

So I would make sure that we are creating good jobs and we are raising wages and raising the minimum wage.

I think it’s important that we look at ways to stimulate our economy so that people have more income to invest in their retirement and their savings and to invest for their children.

And that includes, for example, tax credits that would go to people who have a retirement account.

So these are the kinds of programs that are essential to creating good-paying jobs, increasing wages and creating jobs for all Americans.

We need to look at them as part of a larger package.

Romney proposes cutting $10 billion from the Department of Veterans Affairs to help vets get the care they need.

He proposes cutting funding for the Department for Veterans Affairs and the National Institutes of Health by $1 billion.

He would eliminate Medicare Advantage payments to health plans that provide services to the disabled and elderly.

And by the end of the year, Romney says, we will cut $8.5 billion from Medicaid to provide state-funded health care to more than 11 million low-income seniors and veterans.

Romney, like the president, wants to cut Medicaid and Medicare by $800 billion over the coming decade.

He says he wants to save $8 billion a year from the budget and then $6 billion a month over the years.

But he also says he will cut Social Security and Medicare benefits by $3.2 billion a week.

Romney promises to eliminate the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent and says he is committed to eliminating the Alternative Minimum Tax.

He is committed, Romney said in his budget speech, to cutting corporate taxes by $200 billion over 10 years, and eliminating the tax on the dividends of corporations.

And then he says that he will make it easier for companies to repatriate their profits to the United States.

He has pledged to double the amount of money the United Kingdom pays to U.S. taxpayers, and he will eliminate the repatriation tax on


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