Australian Government gives $100 million to schools to help them deal with shutdown

A major Australian Government donation will be made to local schools to cope with the government shutdown over the next month.

Key points:A government-owned gas plant has been shut for nearly two weeks, with some schools unable to get powerSource: ABC News article The Federal Government has made a $100,000 donation to Australian schools, which will help them cope with power outages, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced on Tuesday.

The money is being made available through a federal program known as the ‘Electric School Supply Package’ that is set to be rolled out to more than 1,000 schools over the coming weeks.

Schools will be given free power at their premises to help with outages during the shutdown.

The package will also include equipment to provide schools with electricity during the blackout, and more than $100m worth of support to schools.

Mr Turnbull said it was vital schools remained connected to the grid during the power cuts.

“The Government has always said schools are critical to Australian life,” he said.

“It is our responsibility to ensure schools have access to the electricity they need to run and to support them in maintaining good academic performance.”

Schools should be free to continue to operate as normal and students should be able to study without interruption during this difficult time.

“Mr Turnbull says schools should be safe during the lockdown.

He says the funding will also be used to provide financial assistance for schools to continue providing vital services, including school-led childcare, health care and other education and community services.”

We will continue to support schools in providing these essential services while we ensure they are free to conduct their activities,” he told a news conference.”

And we will ensure that students are able to access the services that are available.

“In the meantime, Mr Turnbull said he was confident the school system would recover.”

I have a good feeling about that,” he added.



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