Russia denies involvement in the U.S. U.N. attack on MH17

Russia denies being behind the U,N.

claim that the plane was shot down by a Russian-made Buk missile, saying in a statement that it was “never” involved in the incident.

The U.K.-based U.n. investigation into the downing of the plane, which killed all 298 people on board, is continuing.

“We did not send a Buk missile to Syria to destroy MH17,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a Thursday statement.

“It is wrong to suggest that our aircraft was responsible for the crash.

It was never our responsibility.”

Russia denies that its air force was involved in MH17.

UNAIDS investigators have said that it is likely the Buk missile was fired from rebel-held territory in eastern Ukraine, and that the rebels had the technical ability to launch it.

It is also possible that the Ukrainian military was behind the attack, the Russian foreign ministry said.

It added that it “regrets the UNAID investigators’ attempts to link us to the downed plane.”

Russia also accused the Unaids investigators of “inciting hatred against Russia.”

The Ukrainian government has said it was responsible.

The rebels have denied any involvement in MH 17, saying they shot down the plane to free civilians trapped in a rebel-controlled area of eastern Ukraine.

Russia, which has close military ties to Ukraine, has denied that it had any role in the crash, and has accused the West of a coverup.

It has denied using its air power to shoot down MH17, which crashed in rebel-occupied territory, and it has also blamed Ukraine for the incident, saying it was an accident.

Unauthorized release of video of MH17 crash, says Russia article The UNAIDs investigators have already issued an investigative report into the crash into the government’s handling of the downings of the two other planes, Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

The report concluded that “the crash site and its aftermath were not adequately controlled and could not have been prevented” by the Ukrainian government.

The investigators said there was a lack of communication between Ukrainian military and civilian authorities and that Ukrainian forces were likely responsible for firing the Buk missiles into the airspace of Ukraine.


investigators were also asked to assess whether Russian-led separatists in Ukraine could have shot down MH-17.

The government of Ukraine denied the allegation, saying that the separatists “acted in accordance with the law and with the obligations of their territory.”

Ukraine has repeatedly said that the downees were downed by a Ukrainian-made BUK missile.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry responded by calling for an independent investigation.


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