Which of these three candidates would you vote for in 2018?

Two of the three contenders are facing the same challenges: the U.S. Census Bureau and the U,S.

Supreme Court.

They have similar philosophies on a lot of issues, but they differ on a few other key issues, too.

Trump is a conservative, while Cruz is a Tea Party firebrand.

Cruz wants to repeal Obamacare, while Trump wants to cut taxes and replace it with a smaller, more targeted version.

Both are pro-gun, though Trump has expressed a preference for a ban on the importation of guns.

The only other Republican who’s won a presidential election in Colorado is George H.W. Bush, and he was reelected with 54 percent of the vote in 1988.

He’s the last Republican to win a state outright, so it’s not out of the question that both candidates could pull off a comeback.

There are a few more races in the offing, though.

Both Cruz and Trump are facing primary challenges from former GOP senators Cory Gardner and Mark Udall, who are running for re-election.

If either of them are defeated, it will be the first time a GOP candidate in Colorado has lost a statewide race.

If neither of them is victorious, it would mark the first election in the state in which a Democratic candidate lost a state.

There’s also a possibility that there will be another election after the 2020 presidential election, although it’s too early to say if that’s going to happen.

If both Cruz and Clinton win, it could also mark the end of an era in Colorado.

Both Clintons are viewed by voters as likable and have the support of the state’s Democrats.

They both also have ties to the state.

The Clintons have won the state by a lot since 1993, and in 2014, the state voted for Obama by a landslide.

The current state of the Colorado economy is in much better shape than it was a few years ago.

A lot of voters who are eligible for Medicaid will be eligible for health care under Trump and Clinton, and Colorado is expected to be one of the first states to expand its program.

The Colorado Supreme Court has also made the most of the Supreme Court’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the high court.

Gorsuch is a solid conservative, but he has been a bit of a polarizing figure.

He is a judge who will have to weigh the constitutionality of Trump’s ban on immigration from six Muslim-majority countries.

Trump has criticized Gorsuch’s work, and Gorsuch has defended his decision to recuse himself from cases involving Trump.

Trump won the 2016 presidential election by about 17,000 votes, but in 2020 he won Colorado by a mere 2,000.

Trump lost the state to Bernie Sanders by about 30,000, but won it by less than 3,000 in 2020.

If the Democrats win, the next four years are likely to be a struggle for the Democrats.

While they have a lot to gain from having a Democrat in the White House, it’s possible that the party’s base will turn against them if a Democrat wins.

That would make the Democrats more vulnerable in the general election.

Both Trump and Sanders have been courting the base in Colorado, so the party could be on the verge of making a serious play for a statewide win.

If one of them loses, though, it won’t be too hard to make the argument that the 2016 election was a disaster.

Trump’s political success is tied to his strong base of support in Colorado and its diverse population, which is not reflected in the results of the statewide election.

He will need to continue to win the state if he wants to continue his political ascent.


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