How to watch the 2020 federal budget: ‘The whole system is going to collapse’

The government is scrambling to get the fiscal 2017 budget out the door by the end of the month, but the political fallout from the government shutdown continues.

The government will have to spend an extra $500 billion to make up for the $1.4 trillion shortfall in the budget and the White House has already announced a range of cuts to aid the economy.

That’s where the Trump administration comes in.

While the White Street Journal reported Thursday that the administration has decided to “defer” the 2019 budget for a while, that means that it is looking to the future, which means that they may be looking at some budget cuts that will come from the 2019 government shutdown.

The White House said Thursday that it will likely begin cutting back on spending in the near future, with some of the cuts being aimed at “entitlement programs” like Medicare and Social Security.

“The President is committed to continuing to work with Congress to provide relief to American workers and families in the face of the unprecedented economic and fiscal challenges facing the country,” the White Houses budget office said in a statement.

“We have also made it clear that we will be seeking legislation that would restore funding to entitlement programs in order to protect the American people.”

The administration is reportedly looking at cutting $600 billion from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which provides food to millions of low-income Americans.

The budget office also warned that a “fiscal cliff” could result if Congress doesn’t act to prevent a government shutdown later this month.

The Trump administration is planning to delay the implementation of a series of new regulations that will allow for more energy efficiency and renewable energy production in the United States.

The Environmental Protection Agency and Labor Department have also delayed the implementation and regulation of rules intended to curb methane emissions from fracking operations.

The shutdown also means that Congress will be unable to pass a debt ceiling increase.

The shutdown has already forced President Donald Trump to use a number of controversial executive actions, including temporarily suspending his travel ban, temporarily banning entry to seven Muslim-majority countries and barring all refugees from entering the country.


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