Russia has stopped giving cash to its poorest citizens

Russian officials have said that they will stop giving cash aid to the poorest citizens in Russia.

The move comes after the collapse of a major corruption scandal that has seen thousands of officials lose their jobs and billions of dollars in the country’s economy.

President Vladimir Putin had promised to give the cash to the poor and the elderly.

But he has been unable to meet the promise.

He said the money would go to the people who had given the most to the country.

The new announcement came after Russia’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said on Wednesday that the country had stopped providing subsidies to the elderly and people with disabilities.

Rogozins remarks come after the president said on Monday that Russia had “failed to live up to the expectations of its citizens.”

Rogozinis statement comes after reports surfaced that Russian President Vladimir Tsarni had been ordered to step down.

Russian news agencies cited unnamed sources as saying that he was forced out of his post because of corruption.

The president is expected to step aside on Thursday.

Rogosin said that the Russian government will give money to the Russian Federation’s poorest citizens, which includes children under the age of 5.

“This will be done by 2020,” Rogozinos statement said.

He added that the money will be given to the most needy among Russia’s citizens.

Rogoosin said the Russian Government would not give the money to those who do not have a work permit or a passport.

He also said that Russia’s central bank would be responsible for ensuring that the funds are used efficiently.


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