‘A new kind of fascism’: Italian filmmaker speaks out about his film ‘Totalitarian’

An Italian filmmaker has spoken out about the “new kind of fascist” the government was attempting to instill in his country in 2015.

“It’s very important for the country to know about it,” director and director-producer Antonio Rosi told Italy’s La Repubblica newspaper.

“The idea of ‘totalitarianism’ is a kind of fiction.”

The Italian filmmaker, who has a number of other projects in development, spoke of a “totalitarian regime” in Italy that was attempting “to impose a form of fascism.”

“The fascists were not there to defend freedom, but to control it, and to control the country,” Rosi said.

It’s a fascist regime.” “

So, this is fascism.

It’s a fascist regime.”

The director-productions-producers-filmmakers’ comments came after a number in Italy expressed concern about what was happening in the country.

The government had attempted to force a number Italian media outlets to change their editorial content, with some journalists refusing to do so.

The Italian government then announced the formation of a task force to oversee media outlets and newspapers, but those efforts were put on hold when the government’s coalition government was ousted in May.

“There was a huge loss of life in Italy,” Rosis said of the Italian coup, adding that the situation had been “a real tragedy.”

Rosi, who is also a political commentator for the Italian TV channel La Repubblica, said he had “never seen anything like it in my life.”

The documentary “Totalitarian” is set to premiere on June 10 on the Vimeo channel, which also airs a number other documentaries.

“A lot of the time when I talk to people, I say to them, ‘We have to go back to basics, to being citizens of the country,'” Rosi added.

“We have a responsibility to fight fascism.

The film will tell people how they should fight fascism, because fascism is a form that the regime has used for years.”


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