What happens when you use the word ‘totalitarian’ and it becomes a term of abuse

An Israeli woman who was charged with “anti-Semitism” for allegedly saying “totalitarian” while using the Hebrew word for “total state” on Facebook was arrested by the state for “terrorism.”

The woman, identified only as “Dorit,” was detained in Jerusalem’s Ben-Gurion prison on Sunday morning and charged with a “terrorist crime,” according to a police statement.

The charge was based on statements she made during an online debate on the social network.

Doril, 23, was taken into custody on Sunday afternoon after a lengthy detention in a psychiatric unit in Jerusalem.

According to the statement, she was arrested at about 10:15 a.m.

Sunday following a tip-off by the Israeli Civil Administration (ICA), which is part of the Interior Ministry.

Dotan Beigot, the ICA’s deputy director of operations, said that a search of the woman’s laptop revealed a post from January 19 that said “totalitarians should not use the term, ‘total state,'” the statement said.

The post also said that “Israel’s existence as a Jewish state is a threat to the existence of any country.”

The post said that the term “totalstate” was a reference to the Nazi ideology and “a Jewish supremacist state.”

According to Beigots statement, Dorit had previously posted on Facebook on February 19, saying “Israel should not be a Jewish State.”

The post included an image of a swastika and said that Jews should be “disappeared.”

The statement said that in an interview with police in December, Dorits “expressed her desire to fight the Zionist regime and expressed an opinion that Zionism is the most evil thing that has ever existed in the history of mankind.”

She was also reported to have called on her followers to “go out and support the Zionist army,” and said she had plans to visit a Jewish cemetery to “spread the word about the Zionist occupation of the land.”

Dorits social media posts have also drawn criticism from people who say they see no evidence of her having ties to extremist groups.

In a Facebook post in December from December, she said “I believe that Israel should not exist as a state and that its existence is a danger to the survival of any nation.

I think that Zionism and all the evil that it represents is a direct attack against the existence and dignity of every single human being.

The only way to save this country from the onslaught of Zionism is to destroy it and destroy the entire Zionist regime.”

A few days later, she wrote “It is no secret that the Jewish people and all of its history has been the cause of so many wars and wars of terror.

I do not believe that Zionism will end, nor do I believe that its destruction will be quick.

I have no desire to change anyone’s mind, but rather to educate people to know that this is not the case. “


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