Vietnam’s National Police force under fire for excessive force

By BRIAN MURPHY The Associated PressThe Vietnamese government’s National Bureau of Investigation has opened an investigation into a controversial Vietnam police force, saying it lacks basic information and the department is using “inappropriate methods.”

The investigation, launched Monday, was prompted by a string of incidents in which Vietnam police officers and their relatives have been killed, including two in November that were ruled suicides.

The probe into the police force was triggered after Vietnam’s top prosecutor’s office found that the police department’s chief had ordered the shooting of a man with a knife after the man allegedly tried to kill himself.

Vietnam’s National Court on Monday also dismissed a lawsuit filed by a father of a Vietnam police officer, saying the officer was not acting as a prosecutor and the police chief did not use excessive force.

The father, Nguyen Xuan Thanh, had sought damages for his son’s death and his attorney said he would seek a criminal trial in an effort to obtain compensation.

Thanh, a 32-year-old former air force officer, was killed by Vietnam’s police last year when he was driving a car with his son in a parking lot in Phu Quoc province.

A witness who saw Thanh’s car run over the man said Thanh was not responding when he saw the man lying on the ground.

The witness, Nguyen Thanh Trong, said he tried to help Thanh and his son when Thanh allegedly threw his gun and shot the man.

Thanas father filed a lawsuit against the National Bureau for Human Rights in 2014, alleging that the National Police Force violated Thanhs rights by using excessive force and failing to investigate the killing.

The investigation found that “there are insufficient facts to support a criminal prosecution, and the investigation was closed without any action by the NBI,” the NPI said in a statement.

The NPI investigation was prompted after Thanh filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission of Vietnam in March 2016, saying that the NPHF was “systematically violating human rights and disregarding the law.”

Thanhs attorney did not immediately respond to a message seeking comment Monday.


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