How to make a Dutch government resignation announcement?

By the time Dutch government officials were about to give a televised resignation speech, the Netherlands had already lost a second consecutive election, leaving the country with a far less stable government than it had been in 2013.

It is not yet clear when the resignations will be announced, but if they come soon, they would be the first in the country’s history.

With a majority of the seats in parliament held by the far-right, anti-Islam Freedom Party (PVV), who is currently in a coalition with the Dutch Socialists, the government could easily end up with a government composed of just the PVV and the conservative Freedom Party.

In recent years, the PVVs have held power in several Dutch parliamentary seats, including the conservative People’s Party (VVD) in the Dutch Parliament and the Liberal Party (PLP) in parliament in the northern city of Utrecht.

However, in 2013, the Dutch government also made the unpopular decision to make the ruling coalition, which included the ruling liberal party, the People’s party, dissolve and appoint a new coalition of opposition parties.

With no coalition partners left, the coalition would likely end up in a minority, and the PVPs and their allies would probably form the government with the VVD as the government.

Since the PVVP and Freedom Party are currently in coalition, it’s unclear what will happen to the coalition, but there are still some signs that it could collapse. 

 The PVV was formed in 2014 as a protest movement against the government’s handling of the countrys immigration crisis.

The PVV has been in power for the past two years, and has been accused of trying to impose Sharia law on the country.

The party has a record of extremism and racism, which has been exposed on several occasions, including in 2015 when it called for the assassination of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte. 

A new PVV government would likely be more ideologically extreme than the previous government.

In its recent manifesto, the party proposed abolishing the Dutch constitution, removing the European Union and appointing Sharia law as the law of the land. 

In a speech to the Dutch parliament earlier this year, former Prime Minister Geert Wilders made a number of claims about the state of Dutch politics. 

“We have a situation where our political institutions are too corrupt, too incompetent and too corrupt,” Wilders said.

“It’s not that we have a bad government, but we have one that is too corrupt. 

Wilders also mentioned that the government has a majority that is dominated by the anti-immigration and far-left parties.

Wilders, who is known for his far-Right views, has been making the rounds to talk about the PVVA and the Freedom Party as if he is in charge. 

If the PVv is to win the upcoming election, the political situation in the Netherlands will be more volatile than it has been since the country went to the polls in 2013 in the aftermath of the migrant crisis.

Wilder’s PVV party is in a two-way race with the center-right Freedom Party, which currently leads the polls, and is expected to win.

The Freedom Party has been criticized for having an anti-Islamic, anti-‘Islam’ platform, and it has made some attempts to limit the governments response to the migrant issue. 

On the other hand, the Freedom and the centrist Pvv are both in favor of allowing foreign workers to bring their families to work in the nation, which could potentially end up being the difference between a stable government and a government that could end up headed by the PVs. 

The election could be the last chance to salvage the government and get the PVIs and Freedom parties to form a coalition, and they would have to do so in order to get a majority in the Parliament. 

Featured Image Credit: Getty Images/iStock


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