How to avoid the Government holiday, Government holidays 2020

Share this article Share A series of high-profile medical professionals and celebrities are among those who have pledged to boycott Government holidays, a move that has raised questions about the impact of the cuts to their pay and travel entitlements.

The number of people in voluntary retirement, which has been cut from six to four, is set to be boosted to 13,000 by 2021 and there will be a cap on the number of new public servants from 1,500 to 500.

More than two thirds of the 1.1 million new public service employees in England and Wales will be eligible for the new pensions and healthcare entitlements that will come into force on July 1.

The Government says the reforms will protect the NHS from the impact on its finances of increased numbers of people who retire from the public service.

But medical professionals say the Government is deliberately misusing the NHS to protect its own interests, with the number falling by half over the next 10 years.

“I think the Government knows the changes will be detrimental to the NHS.

They’re not just doing it for the benefit of the Government,” said Dr David Coyle, president of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).”

The reforms are not only damaging to the health service, but to the economy and to the wider economy.

It’s a vicious circle.”

Dr Coyle said he was concerned that many medical practitioners were not being consulted by their employers or are reluctant to speak out about the reforms.

Dr Collymore said: “I think that the Government has put a lot of pressure on doctors to come out and speak out on the NHS and to have them be in the front row of the queue.

I think that has made it harder for doctors to get a voice.

They don’t have the power, but they do have the right to speak up.”

Dr David Collytop, president, RCGP.Photo: AFP


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