Which county in Montgomery County will be the next to become a Metro-North train station?

Montgomery County officials have started talking about whether the county should get on board with the proposed $9 billion Metro-Norfolk MetroLink, and whether it would be feasible to have a train station in the region.

The announcement comes after Montgomery County Board President Tony Finchem told the local CBS affiliate that he would like to see a station in Montgomery.

“I think that the Montgomery MetroLink could be a great idea,” Fincher said.

“The area has a lot of jobs and a lot to offer.

It’s a good way to get people out of the city.”

The county also has a rail line that runs through the city, and Finchems idea would be to have the station in one of those two areas.

“It could be an option,” Fcohem said.

“The Montgomery Metrolink could be very attractive to our area and could attract more people, which is really what the region needs,” FINChem said of the idea.

Montgomery is the second-largest county in Virginia.

The plan to build the line through the county is part of the broader strategy to build out the region’s rail system.

“This is a massive undertaking,” Fink said.

Finchem is hoping to get the county to take a leadership role in the development of the line.

“If Montgomery County gets on board, then we’ll have a better idea of what we want to build and what we don’t want to see happen,” Fike said.


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