Government jobs: How the job market is shifting, according to data

The job market for people working for governments is expanding at a faster pace than for those in the private sector.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show that employment has risen by 10,000 jobs since the election in July, but this growth is still below pre-election levels.

The number of people employed in the public sector has risen to 2.2 million.

The employment rate has risen from 32.1 per cent to 36.6 per cent.

But the jobs gap between government and private-sector jobs has narrowed, with the gap narrowing to a mere 0.6 percentage points.

“Government jobs are growing at a rate of about 10,100 per cent,” said Mark Harnick, chief economist at the Institute of Public Affairs.

“In the private-equity industry, the gap has been narrowing.

It’s growing by about 0.4 percentage points.”

Government jobs are mostly in government-owned enterprises and public-sector-related services.

In fact, the employment rate of people working in these areas is higher than the average of all of Australia.

The private sector is also doing well.

Private-sector employment in Australia has expanded by 11.3 per cent since the 2015 election.

But this growth rate is below the average for the country.

“The gap between private- and public sector employment is widening,” Mr Harnack said.

“It’s narrowing, but there is still a large amount of jobs for people in both.”

The number and type of jobs are changing The ABS figures show the biggest growth in jobs in public and private sectors has been in the service sector, with a 3.1 percentage point increase in employment.

There has been a 0.7 percentage point rise in the number of government-employed people.

However, the number and types of jobs have changed.

“What we see is that people in public sector roles are going into higher paying jobs,” Mr Hoare said.

The unemployment rate has been dropping steadily since the 2010 election, but has been rising again in the past two years.

Government jobs in Australia have become more difficult to get “the job of the future” with the skills gap widening, he said.

It is also increasing the difficulty of getting those jobs, Mr Hoary said.

This can cause people to be more hesitant to take on a job.

“If they know that it’s going to be harder to get a job, they’re less likely to take it,” Mr Hywett said.

One of the factors driving the growth in public-service jobs is a change in the way the Government operates.

Prior to the last election, public servants were paid on a fixed wage, with an annual rate of pay that varied based on their performance and experience.

In contrast, with governments now having the power to set the rate of their pay, it is easier for employees to get their skills and experience assessed.

“Employees are less willing to take those risks and take on more challenging jobs because they can take on those risks with greater certainty,” Mr Hill said.

There is also a rise in government spending.

There are more people working on government contracts and contracts for public-private partnerships (PPPs) and other non-government organisations.

The Government’s main expenditure on public-services contracts was about $10 billion last year, about $1 billion more than the year before.

“That means there’s a lot of money going on, but people are reluctant to take that risk,” Mr Haynes said.

While the number working for government has increased, the job opportunities are not increasing as quickly as the jobs are getting filled.

“I think that’s partly down to the fact that government-run organisations have tended to be smaller than private-public organisations,” Mr Hart said.

However there are some signs of improvement in the job markets for those who work for government.

The latest Australian Bureau.

Survey data shows that the number employed in private-government-related jobs is increasing at a slower rate than in the Government, but the jobs growth rate has narrowed.

There were 4.5 million public-government workers in July 2018.

The government is hiring more staff for jobs like social services, but it is also hiring more people to fill those jobs.

The jobs of people who are employed by government are also getting harder to fill.

The ABS says that about 40 per cent of the population aged 16 to 64 have jobs that do not involve working for the Government.

That is down from more than 70 per cent in 2014.

Mr Hoaring said the job situation was changing.

“There are people who want to work for the state, the Territory and parts of the country,” he said


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